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2006 Events

Möbius, The Poetry Magazine Launch/Reading at The Bowery Poetry Club, New York City, November 27, 2006

Möbius Poets

Poets: (front) Juanita Torrence-Thompson (Editor/Publisher), L-R: Dominick Arbolay, Denise Lewis Patrick, Hal Sirowitz, Rochelle Ratner, Daniela Gioseffi and Daniel Thomas Moran.

Möbius, The Poetry Magazine at Poet’s House, NYC

Möbius Poets

L to R: Daniel Thomas Moran, Juanita Torrence-Thompson,
Rochelle Ratner, and Daniela Gioseffi.

“Everything Goes” WNYE (91.5 FM), November 17, 2006. Repeated: November 23, 2006 — Möbius, The Poetry Magazine program with host Juanita Torrence-Thompson and guests: award-winning poets Daniela Gioseffi and Hal Sirowitz (former Poet Laureate of Queens).

Daniela Gioseffi and Hal Sirowitz - WNYE Radio

Daniela Gioseffi and Hal Sirowitz at WNYE - FM Radio.

Möbius Poets

Juanita Torrence-Thompson and Hal Sirowitz at WNYE - FM Radio

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