Poetry Among The Flowers: Queens Meets Asia
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Poetry Among The Flowers: Queens Meets Asia
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“Juanita Torrence-Thompson has with this collection of poetry captured stories, voices and an excellent picture of the diversity of not only Queens, but any metropolitan city. She has skillfully crafted each person’s story into a work of art with words. As you listen to her read her poetry, you can see the person that she was writing about, and feel as if you have gotten to know them. Their stories are as diverse as the people that Juanita interviewed. This audiobook is a good reminder... that even though we are each individuals and different, that we are all the same, our stories are universal. ...Juanita has with this reading brought us closer to our neighbors, by allowing us a personal glimpse into lives and an understanding that “cultural differences” are not all that different.... This audiobook is a wonderful audiobook to listen to for inspiration or quiet meditation. The audiobook would also make an excellent gift....”
Poetry Among The Flowers: Queens Meets Asia
Reviewed by Debra J. Harmes Kurth, Editor of “Art With Words” and Columnist for The Putnam Democrat and The Cabell Record

“Juanita Torrence-Thompson can be proud of what she has done here in the name of language and especially in the name of intercultural relations. These poems are an authentic grass roots effort to gather meaning and significance from the elegant diversity of human experience. Nothing can matter more at such a moment in history than this kind of hard work. God almighty, we need more of the likes of her...”
— Pam Bernard, author of Across the Dark

“Juanita Torrence-Thompson is an excellent reader who inspires and instructs. Her mini performance pieces delve to the essence of cultural and personal issues. A pleasure to hear.”
— Thaddeus Rutkowski, author of novels Tetched and Roughouse

Audience Response to Readings:

“Lovely, lovely presentation. Bravo!”

“Great job!”

“Very well done.”



Poetry Among The Flowers: Queens Meets Asia
(Torderwarz Publishing Company) By Juanita Torrence-Thompson

I was inspired to write these poems after talking to Asian immigrants living in New York who came from China, Taiwan, Japan, India, Pakistan, The Philippines, Korea and East Indians from Trinidad, West Indies.

Each poem is prefaced with the birth country of the interviewee who inspired my poem.

Poetry excerpts:

Inspired by an East Indian born in Trinidad, W.I.
By Juanita Torrence-Thompson


I loved playing skip in our backyard
With my brothers and sisters,
As jade palm trees swayed in the
Lovely tropical wind...

Inspired by Korean immigrant
By Juanita Torrence-Thompson

...Queens is my favorite town, my adopted home.
Harmonius people stroll through Alley Pond Park
admiring the red maple trees...

To me life is happiness, happiness life.

By Juanita Torrence-Thompson

Why ask me such negative things
When you can admire the poetry
Of Tagore, “The Apu Trilogy” by
Director Satyagit Ray
And the countless temples of India...

By Juanita Torrence-Thompson

She plays the Koto
Softly as a gentle wind
Strokes an olive branch

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