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When Morning Comes


Experiences and emotions from memories recollected of childhood, family, friends, parents, strange dreams, grief of lost loved ones, meeting celebrities like Denzel Washington or James Earl Jones, concerns about the natural world in which water will be the new oil, anguish, irony, joy, beauty, pleasure and excitement make up this descriptive collection of poems titled When Morning Comes. Juanita Torrence-Thompson has an ability to charm her reader with a simplicity of expression, an accessible style that brings back one’s own memories of “the past recollected in tranquility,” Wordsworth’s definition of poetry. She takes everyday events and turns them into shared experiences in the mode of a memoirist.
— Daniela Gioseffi, American Book Award winning poet/editor of Eco-Poetry.org.

What delightful poems these are in Juanita Torrence-Thompson's new collection. They resonate with fine memories, family, friends, the things that matter to the human heart.  I say these poems sing deep and hard right there from the page. You will remember these poems, and they will fill your spirit with positive energy for days.
— Virgil Suárez, Professor of English, FSU, Author of The Soviet Circus Comes to Havana & Other Stories

The title poem of Juanita Torrence-Thompson's When Morning Comes, sets the tone for this elegiac collection which looks back at a traditional New England childhood with all its simple pleasures, but through the lens of an African-American consciousness. This makes for an interesting tension throughout. Ms. Torrence-Thompson has clearly reached an age where she is looking to make sense of her life, and you'll smile along with her as she recalls simpler times, or wince at her journey through the American racial divide. Among the most delicious are her poems recounting her travels in Europe as a young person. Here, she utilizes her great eye for the telling detail, color, fabric, or sound. Underlying all these recollections, are portraits of her mother and father — each of whom makes vivid impressions in touching poems — and lastly, her late husband, whose loss is so mixed in with the mornings that comprise Ms. Torrence-Thompson's present.
— Jimmy Roberts, composer of Off Broadway's 2nd longest-running musical, I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change, as well as poems in the NY Times, Mobius, and others.

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